This is the last installment of the LIVE VHS (Virtual Hair Show).  LEONARDO brings it home with a quick dresswork seminar!  See it in the MEMBERS SECTION listed under VHS Show. is dedicated to the individual. We are committed to free thinking and the exchange of ideas between artists within the industry and out. education is comprehensive, simple, and unique. We have taken video education back to what it was meant to be; a model, a stylist, and a method or technique. Unlike other online video education sites, WE DON'T PLAY WITH DOLLS, we use REAL people who are REAL clients.
We at want you to take something away with you EVERYTIME you watch a video. We are here to share something with you so that you may in turn develop your OWN personal vision for hair and take it further.
In every video we present a method or technique for hair cutting. The techniques are extremely versatile in nature so that you may tailor them to your own needs behind the chair, every client, every time!


There are two ways to take advantage of the video education.


1.  DVD Each DVD is approx. 35 minutes each and presented in glorious widescreen format.  These videos are unlike any other DVD out there.  They are thorough, precise, and full of options.  These are NOT haircut videos, but Step-by-Step Techniques and Methods. Easy to Manipulate and can be used on every client, every time! 



2. ONLINE The Core ReWired cutting videos are kept on an ONLINE library accessable 24/7 from your computer.  These are the Essentials of what ReWiredHair is all about.  SUBSCRIBE to these videos for ONLY $14.95 a month and watch them anytime you want;  Cancel anytime.  We add about 1 video a month to

the library, and NEVER delete them. and our guest artists come together out of devotion to the art of hairstyling and a love of sharing our methods for success with others.

At, we believe that a passionate hairstylist has no boundries outside of their own imagination.

Nearly a decade of hairstyling experience in the most visible and renowned industry arenas has taught us that continued education, motivation for growth, and openness to new ideas creates a strong, confident, and limitless hairdresser.


The tools in your hand are only as good as the tools in your head.


Listen, we have all seen "step-by-step" HAIRCUT videos.  But at the end of the day, after you have learned that "haircut", the video has lost it's value.  You did that particular haircut on every client imaginable, then it either got boring or irrelevant.

We at ReWiredHair created something a bit different.  We designed a very thorough "step-bystep" TECHNIQUE or METHOD cutting videos. TECHNIQUES AND METHODS  are more viable and valuable because they are EXPANDABLE and you can always go back to them time and time again.  With versatile techniques and cutting methods you can approach ANY "look" confidently EVERY CLIENT, EVERY TIME!



Its not just haircutting and coloring education that makes a great hairdresser, its internal and external business skills as well!  Rewiredhair offers books by passionate authors such as Eric Mokotov and Kathy Jager who are successful hairdressers and motivational speakers!  These books provide comprehensive roadmaps to a successful future behind ANY chair!  Salon owners and stylists check them out NOW under the "BOOKS" section.


If you havent experienced what Rewiredhair video education is all about, just click the "FREE VIDEO" button and fill out the form, you will be sent a link to a free video demonstrating's comprehensive and unrelenting online video education.  Also remember that the first 30 days of the online subscription is FREE!  No one else offers that!  Just click the "SUBSCRIBE NOW" button to get started. 


(please remember to have the latest version of QUICKTIME and Adobe FLASH on your computer, and a highspeed internet connection)










  offers you 24 hour access

to the online video library for the LOW subscription

fee of only $14.95 a month!  Subscribe now!



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